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  Virtual Call Centre  

In Virtual Call Centre, you can Setup a Voice Message as Introduction with Options of Pressing key Option 1, 2, 3, 4, & so on..

Then Configure phone numbers to each option number. Now when your Client calls your Virtual Number your Recorded Voice Message is broadcasted to him with Key-in Options like in EPABX, the Client when Presses Option Key our IVR Server dials outbound call to your option number and connects you with your client calling your Virtual Number. Both of you start talking. Isn't it great? You save huge cost of setup a Reception with EPABX. You are charged for all outgoing calls per 30 sec. basis.

So SAVE Infrastructure, Setup & Maintenance Cost.

SMS Call Back

A SMS Call Back to your Virtual Call Centre can also be configured, Your client sends an SMS to your SMS ID and our Server calls to his mobile number from where he had sent the SMS and then Broadcast your Voice Introduction Message, then as per option key by him call gets connected to you.

Same way you can also Setup Survey, Feedback, etc. based on Choice Option & Voice Mail.

Contact us for detailed proposal & demo as per your requirements.

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