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New Sales Servicing Cross Sales  
Servicing :
Inbound IVR for portfolio check
Advantages :
  • Shows a large professional image to the customers
  • Ease of use.
  • No Setup Fee.
  • Anytime Anywhere.
Welcome to Inbound IVR for Portfolio Check demo.
Problem Solution Impact
A brokerage house call center had 30% of enquiries related to the client’s portfolio, taking almost 1/3 of call center capacity. The brokerage house set up an incoming IVR with access to client portfolio where clients would be identified by caller-id. SMS broadcast was used to inform clients of the IVR number with access to their portfolio. It dramatically reduced the customer queries and gave a professional image to the brokerage house. Also, customers could access their portfolio 24/7.
Outbound IVR for sending daily stock tips **
Advantages :
  • Low overhead with no integration required – upload list of numbers in excel and download real time logs.
  • Changes IVR with the click of a mouse.
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Broadcasts in local language.
  • Welcome to Instant Stock Tips demo.
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    Problem Solution Impact
    A brokerage house in Gujarat used SMS for sending out stock tips to its customers. However, many times the clients would miss SMS in the very short window of opportunity of a few minutes. The brokerage house used our Outbound Call Service for sending tips on stocks in regional language almost in real time. Customers interested in buying or selling any stock could do that by connecting to their relationship manager. Also, the brokerage house had the real-time log of the calls made and received. Customers appreciated real time tips from the broker and opportunity to do the sales immediately.
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