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Servicing :
Web API for outbound fraud prevention calls
Advantages :
  • No setup fee.
  • Real-time call to customers leading to immediate discovery of fraud.
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Live connects to call center if customer requests.
  • Welcome to Bank Fraud Prevention demo.
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    Problem Solution Impact
    A Cooperative bank opened web-access to its customers but was soon troubled by the fraudulent transactions on the website as customers were not careful about keeping their passwords secret enough. Making manual calls for each was very expensive. The bank used our very simple but secure Web API to initiate an automated call to a customer every time a potential fraud was detected. If the customer pressed 1, he was connected to call center and the transaction was stopped. The bank dramatically lowered the fraudulent transactions and improved its reputation as a technology savvy bank in the region.
    Bank Inbound IVR
    Advantages :
  • Shows a large company professional image to the customers.
  • Provides customer support in a more efficient and organized manner.
  • Serves your customers in local language.
  • Live connects to sales person
  • Welcome to Inbound IVR for Tele banking demo.
    Problem Solution Impact
    A Cooperative bank needed to set up an incoming IVR that could help customers do banking over the phone. On-premise solutions required lacs of rupees upfront investment and locked in a static IVR that could not be changed. The bank published our Inbound IVR phone number for tele banking. People called on our numbers to enquire about their balance, latest transactions and so on. Generic transactions could be done through the automated IVR in their preferred language; queries which can not be answered through the IVR were transferred to the operator. The inbound IVR gave a professional image to the Bank. It was a time efficient solution for the bank staff as well as for the customers as most of the generic transactions could be done over the phone.
    Bank Outbound IVR
    Advantages :
  • No setup fee.
  • Low overhead with no integration required – uploads list of customers in excel and downloads real time logs.
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Live connects to call center.
  • Welcome to Bank Payment Reminder demo.
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    Problem Solution Impact
    A Cooperative bank operating in rural area had increasing loans with decreasing repayment percentage. The thousands of loans could not be followed up by limited number of staff. The bank collected the name, phone number, due date and due amount of customers with loans, created a personalized IVR in couple of hours on our website, and scheduled monthly calls to the customers. Customers could press 1 and talk with call center for payment. The bank dramatically improved the loan payments especially by them who “forgot” the installments. It also impressed customers with its tech savviness.
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