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New Sales Servicing Cross Sales  
 New Sales :
SMS/Web/Email marketing with callback IVR for property listing and call forwarding
Advantages :
  • Never loses the warm leads from SMS/Radio/Web/Newspaper campaign.
  • Plays sound ad in local language.
  • Live connects to call center if customer shows interest.
  • Real-time tracking and improvement of SMS message with each iteration.
  • Welcome to SMS Marketing with callback number demo.
    Problem Solution Impact
    A prestigious real estate broker started a Google ads and newspaper campaign to sell 200 flats with cell phone number of salesperson for call back. As cell phone can take only 2 calls at a time and only during day time, he missed a large number of leads.
    The broker instead used our inbound IVR number for callback with information on the properties. Customers could press 1 to connect with sales person and if the salesperson missed the call, he could check log and call back.
    The broker never missed any lead afterward. He learned that a lot of NRI called during night which he could check in the log and call back in the day time.
    Incoming IVR with catalogue of properties
    Advantages :
  • Shows a large company professional image to the customers.
  • Never loses the warm leads from SMS/Web/Newspaper campaign.
  • Changes IVR when needed with click of a mouse.
  • Live connects to sales person.
  • Welcome to Tele-portal with property Catalogue demo.
    Problem Solution Impact
    A prestigious real estate broker needed to set up an incoming IVR that could list the properties available, prices and corresponding sales person to contact. On-premise solutions required lacs of rupees upfront investment and locked in a static IVR that could not be changed. The broker bought our inbound IVR number with 6 month rental with no maintenance required. He used drag and drop interface to create the IVR in minutes which was up and running the same day. The inbound IVR gave a professional image to the broker and also saved time for the sales person as the regular queries could be answered in the automated IVR itself saving salesperson’s precious time.
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