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 New Sales :
 SMS marketing with callback for premium calculator
Advantages :
  • Dramatically lower cost and low set up time in weeks.
  • Broadcasts in local language.
  • Easy to use.
  • Real time tracking.
Welcome to SMS Marketing with callback number demo.
Problem Solution Impact
An Insurance agency realized that its sales are getting hampered because of the delay in communicating the ever increasing range and complexity of new products to the “foot-on-the-street” sales people. For example the insurance premium calculation became so complex that even the supervisor had to consult his seniors for the same. The Insurance agency sent SMS to all its sales people informing them to call back on our Inbound number to access the premium calculator over phone. Sales people could access the calculator by mere key presses and process the premium amount. The money spent for training the sales people reduced drastically. The response time improved considerably.
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