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New Sales
SMS marketing with callback IVR
Advantages :
  • Never lose the warm leads from SMS push campaign.
  • Plays sound ad in local language.
  • Live connects to call center if customer shows interest.
  • Real-time tracking and improvement of SMS message with each iteration.
  • Welcome to SMS Marketing with callback number demo.
    Problem Solution Impact
    A Tamil bank pushed 1 million SMS every month but could not track how many people called back and thus could not find the effectiveness of the campaign.
    The bank included our Inbound IVR phone number for call back in the push SMS message. People called back and heard a voice description of the product in Tamil and got live connected to the call center if they showed interest by pressing 1. The bank learned that 7% people called back. It experimented with the campaign to come up with a better message for 10% call backs. Call backs were tracked on and almost half were converted into paying customers.
    Personal Loan
    Advantages :
  • Serves your customers in local language.
  • Low overhead with no integration required – uploads list of customers in excel and downloads real time logs.
  • Shows a large company professional image to the customers.
  • Welcome to Personal Loan demo.
    Mobile No
    Problem Solution Impact
    A Cooperative bank observed a slump in personal loans over time. On further analysis they realized that a lot of paper work was prohibiting people from going for loans. The bank launched new loans with minimal paper work. Advertising by making manual calls was not a feasible option.
    The bank created a personalized IVR in couple of hours on our website, and scheduled the marketing campaign calls to the customers. Customers could call back on the number to speak to the customer service agent.
    The bank saw a great boost in the new loans. It also impressed customers with its tech savviness.
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